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Paul and Janice Minor, Designers

Janice Minor Photo

Husband-and-wife team Paul and Janice spearhead Janice Minor Export and design their line of furniture and home accessories. They are the creative force behind the brand - designing and handling the more technical aspects of product development. Having been in the manufacturing and export business for 27 years, they have honed their craft and are pioneers in the use of mixed media such as recycled glass, gemstones, and petrified wood. Together with their team, they have designed and developed products for prestigious clients worldwide. Beyond the furniture industry, they do commissioned works for private clients and homes, hotels and restaurants; art installations; and collaborative projects with interior designers.

Janice is a woman of many hats and Paul a jack of all trades, literally and metaphorically, but of all the feathers in their respective caps, they are, most of all, loving parents to their twins Alice and Paulie.